Latest Update - Coronavirus

27th March 2020

Update Friday 27th March


Following government coronavirus guidance that all pupils should remain at home ‘if they can safely have their needs met at home. Many children and young people with EHC plans can safely remain at home’ most pupils will be staying at home at this time for their own safety. In some cases this is because we have identified with you an underlying health condition which puts your son/daughter at heightened risk. We will update you by 15th April based on government guidance. Please get in touch if you need to discuss the above, or if we can support with any other guidance or advice. The school will remain open to a small number of pupils, some of whose parents/carers are keyworkers. We will call you on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays between 9.30am and 11.30am to check in with you and your son/daughter.


Please find guidance about social distancing at this time: 


And about NHS support should you need it:


We will be making regular welfare calls to those families where pupils are currently at home. If you are in difficulty in the meantime, below is a link and helpline for support:

020 8356 3111