Coronavirus - Update 20th May

20th May 2020


Update for Summer 2 half-term (June 1st to July 17th 2020) 


We are currently open to pupils and students who fall into one or both of the categories below, providing they do not have underlying health conditions which make them vulnerable or extremely vulnerable to the coronavirus:


1. Pupils and students whose parents/carers are keyworkers

2. Pupils and students where it is challenging to meet their needs safely at home


We will continue to maintain this service next half-term and until the summer holidays, but we recognise that more of our pupils might fall into category 2 as their absence from school continues. To help us to gauge this and discuss the challenges with you, our regular welfare calls are crucial. They also allow us to support with ‘Learning at Home’; an offer we will continue to extend and personalise through physical resources, our website, and the school YouTube channel.


Many of you have shared your desire to keep your son or daughter at home during this time, but if you have concerns about your son or daughter not attending school, please don’t hesitate to raise these with our team when they call you, and we can have a longer discussion about how we can support and whether a school place is appropriate, and share further detail on what we are doing to limit risks to pupils and staff but also the limitations of those measures. An important consideration will be whether your son or daughter has underlying health conditions which might make them more vulnerable at this time.


Please feel you can reach out to us for any support you need. You and your son/daughter continue to be members of the Ickburgh School community and it is together that we will get through these very challenging times.


Yours, with all best wishes


Joe Sieber