Important Notice:

Have an enjoyable 1/2 term break, we look forward to seeing all pupils & students back on Monday 3rd June 2019. This is the last 1/2 term before the summer recess and we hope as many pupils as possible reach a 100% attendance. Go on, you know you can do it!

Welcome to Ickburgh School


In July

Let us find a shady wady
Pretty little brook;
Let us have some candy handy,
And a picture book.

There all day we'll stay and play and
Never mind the heat,
While the water gleaming, streaming,
Ripples round our feet.

And we'll gather curly pearly
Mussel shells while bright
Frightened minnows darting, parting,
Scurry out of sight.

What if, what if, - heigho! my oh! - 
All the "ifs" were true,
And the little fishes wishes,
Now, what would you do?

by Evaleen Stein