Here are some quotes from parents of pupils at Ickburgh School. Below these quotes you will find a summary of our admissions policy.
“Ickburgh school has been part of our family for many years and we really couldn’t have done without the generous support of my son’s teachers and all the staff. My son has made significant progress in his communication and personal confidence over the years and I know it is because of hardwork and caring lessons he has been receiving every week at school. My son, his brother and I are grateful for all the years of support and excellent learning provision at Ickburgh school.” - Parent of a secondary student
"I appreciate everything Ickburgh school does to help my son reach his full potential. It is very rewarding to see him happy, enjoying and benefiting from the setting." - - Parent of a primary student
“My son has progressed so well over the past year despite lockdown, he can draw now and do other things he couldn’t before. All the support we received from the school over lockdown was amazing. My son loves the home learning the school provides and he has watched the videos on the Ickburgh YouTube channel so often he has memorised the words.” - Parent of a secondary student
"My daughter loves to come to school, and when she walks past to go to church on a Sunday, we struggle to get her to come, as she wants to come to school!" - Parent of a sixth form student
"I think Ickburgh is an amazing and unique school which has helped our daughter enormously. I am very grateful to all the dedicated people in her class who work so hard to make her time productive and full of fun. She comes home covered in glitter, pasta and smelling of various scents and it is obvious that she has been learning and having a lot of fun at the same time." - Parent of a sixth form student

Ickburgh School is a Special Needs School taking children and young people from 3 to 19 years with special educational needs and disability.

The school provides three pathways for pupils:

Sensory Learners – Pupils with Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties


Our sensory learners Ickburgh School provides an education for pupils aged from three to nineteen with profound and multiple learning difficulties. We provide an enabling learning environment that gives them the best possible opportunity to explore what they can do in preparation for a meaningful life in and beyond school. Our sensory learners rely on facial expressions, vocal sounds, body language and exhibit a range of unconventional behaviours to communicate. Some of our sensory learners may use a small range of formal communication; others may not have reached the stage of using intentional communication.


Connecting Learners – Pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties and Autistic Spectrum Condition


Our Connecting Learners Ickburgh School provides an education for pupils aged from three to nineteen with severe and profound communication difficulties, as well as severe learning difficulties. Some of these learners may have a diagnosis of Autism. These learners are developing their ‘connecting’ skills in preparation for a purposeful life beyond school, with as high a degree of independence as possible.


Active Learners – Pupils with Severe Learning Difficulties


Our Active Learners Ickburgh School provides an education for pupils aged from three to nineteen with severe learning difficulties. We do not want to define these young people by their disability, so we call the Pathway in which they learn ‘Active Learners’. This name describes both their strength in ‘learning by doing’, and our commitment that their experiences at the school will be strongly practical and hands-on. These pupils will develop their core skills in Literacy, Numeracy and PHSE, towards a purposeful and independent life beyond school.

If you would like to visit us at Ickburgh to see if it would be the right place for your child please contact the school to arrange a visit. You will meet with our Family Liaison Worker, Jenny for a school tour and further information.
If this is the right place for your child you can then apply to SEN Panel, Hackney Learning Trust, Technology & Learning Centre (TLC) 1 Reading Lane London E8 1GQ
Admissions Team on 020 8820 7245 / 7401
You can also make a request through your portage worker or school SENCO, let them know that you are thinking about a special needs placement for your child, and ask for their help.