Support with strategies for parents/carers

When Learning at Home with your son/daughter, we are asking that you use techniques and strategies we are trained to use in school.
To support, this page has resources for learning more about these techniques and strategies. We intend to keep adding to this, with new videos and resources to support you when Learning at Home.
If you feel you need support with any other techniques and strategies please contact school and make a request or suggestion-we want this material to reflect your needs.

Approach or Strategy


Relevant to

Sensory Stories


Sensory stories tell a story using words and sensory stimuli. Usually there are just a few sentences in a sensory story (10 or less) and each sentence is paired with a sensory stimulus. The sensory stimuli don't just support the words in telling the story, if well chosen, they tell the story in their own right. Sensory stories can help young people to develop their communication and understanding.

All pupils, especially Sensory Learners

Colourful Semantics


Colourful semantics is a targeted approach to support children with their sentence building and to teach them about sentence structure.

Active and Connecting Learners

Observe Wait Listen (OWL)


OWLing is all about being a good communication partner. While OWL stands for three separate skills (observing, waiting, and listening), a good communication partner really needs to be doing all three at once.

All pupils, especially Sensory Learners