Vision, Values, and Aims

Ickburgh School: Vision, Values and Aims


Ickburgh School: A place where all pupils and staff members find Fulfilment, Belonging, and Independence.



I feel a deep and nourishing sense of fulfilment, through achieving meaningful outcomes.


I belong to something bigger than myself; a community of diversity, tolerance and respect, where difference is celebrated.


I am as independent as I can be in achieving my outcomes, and I’m nurtured to develop my own personality, interests, and talents.


To deliver this for our pupils and staff members, we aim to be a world class centre of excellence by:

  •        Establishing the school as an outward-facing learning community, constantly seeking to improve its practice by reflection, evaluation and innovation.
  •        Working in partnership with, and drawing on the expertise of, parents, other agencies and the wider community.
  •        And, most importantly, placing pupils at the heart of everything we do.