July 2022 - hot weather

17th July 2022

Dear Parents/Carers

You may be aware that a weather warning has been issued by the Met Office regarding temperatures on Monday and Tuesday.

We have been challenged to maintain a safe temperature in the building for pupils and staff members last week. Despite the intervention of air-conditioning units or evaporative coolers in every classroom, as well as additional fans, we cannot keep the temperature significantly below the temperature outside. Temperatures are forecast to rise to 35C+ on Monday.

Therefore, on Monday (18th July) we will be closing early at 1.00pm for pupils usually collected at 3.10pm, and 1.15pm for students usually collected at 3.25pm. This will allow us to provide pupils with a lunch, but ensure pupils and staff members are out of the building before the temperature is forecast to reach its peak, between 2pm and 4pm. If your son/daughter receives Transport they will have agreed to support at these times. If you are collecting your son/daughter, please ensure you are on time as we will be closing the school immediately after these departure times.

We had hoped to defer the decision until Sunday in case the forecast shifted, but Transport required earlier notice to make arrangements. We will make a further review on Monday regarding opening on Tuesday and notify you asap.

Given the government guidance, if you prefer to keep your child or children at home for Monday 18th and/or Tuesday 19th we will authorise this absence.

Please ensure you apply sun cream to your son/daughter before they leave for school and that they are dressed in as light clothing as possible.

It is with great regret that we are not able to maintain full opening, but we hope you will understand that the safety of our pupils and staff members is paramount. We are talking to the local authority about permanent and effective cooling to prevent this happening again.

Yours with all best wishes

Joe Sieber